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We provide reliable, affordable services for everyone. We offer courses and products to help you achieve your dream design.

Manage your team with a simple Google sheet that provides structure, meeting rhythms, and SOPs to smoothly deliver top-notch dental services to your clients.

Increase your financial understanding of your practice, clean up your books, and learn how to boost your bottom line so you have more freedom, income, and joy.

Experience Business Consulting Services from Eric Horwitz and his team, with a unique focus to remove the stress of managing your staff, scaling your practice, and, of course, earning an extra $100,000 per year in net profit.

Running a Dental Practice isn't Easy.

If you're a dentist, you've probably experienced:

• Staff turnover and the stress that comes with it.

• Good revenue, but not a ton of profit… (or not as much as you think you could make).

• High overhead with expensive software, leases, and equipment.

• Staff management issues, where they don't have a lot of clear direction, processes to follow, or an organized accountability chart.

• No one following up on prospective sales. You have hygienists pitching services, which they don't want to do, and new patients leave without any follow-up by email, phone, or text.

• A lack of new patients coming in the door.

• An out-of-date Profit & Loss Statement, that's not accurate or helpful for YOU to see how much you're earning after all your hard work and risk running your practice.

Wouldn't it be nice to run a practice that runs smoothly, with less turnover and a focus on net profit?

As a dentist, you're skilled at your craft, but the art of running a service-based business is a challenge that school didn't prepare you for. You'll need some help from those who have already done what you want: run a business that makes you plenty of money without you doing everything.

My name is Eric Horwitz. I own several companies and live an amazing life that's focused on freedom, happiness, and making a boatload of net income. Over the past thirteen years, I've built a service-based company in the education space to produce a high 6-figure/low 7figure net income each year using a unique blend of in-person and virtual staff. I've helped entrepreneurs do the same thing, and my goal is to use my "business superpowers" to bring an extra $100,000 of net income to your bottom line each year… I only work with dentists.

Why dentists? I believe in the power of being highly niched, and the healthcare industry is where I want to help business owners. After a lot of research, dentists proved to be an area that could use help to boost their net profit. Now, my life is devoted to helping them earn their dream income.

Why work with Eric Horwitz and his team

Real-World Experience:

Most business consultants are good at…being consultants. Eric runs a multimillion-dollar business in the education space that teaches healthy cooking classes to low-income schools. It's highly niched, highly profitable, and with a team that does 90 percent of the work.

Net Profit-Focus. Eric has a unique focus:

It's all about the bottom line. You can help tons of people, have your staff lead great lives, AND earn a sizable income. He believes you should ONLY work with consultants that make more than you, so unless you're making a high 6-figure/low 7figure net income, why waste your time with other consultants if they haven’t done what they're training you to do?

Team Management Skills:

Eric has one Google sheet that tracks all the key elements of his company including KPI (key performance indicators), sales, proposals, operations meetings, client successes, client issues, and much, much more. His team uses it regularly and it keeps weekly meetings on track and focused.

Virtual Staff Expertise:

Google, Apple, and Dell all use staff based abroad to save money, deliver results, and earn more net income, why can't you do the same? Learn how to use a blend of in-person and virtual staff to do things like follow up with prospects, increase sales, improve your customer service, and more. Eric has a team on multiple continents AND American-based staff that will take your business to the next level (and not be SUPER expensive).

Here at Net Profit King, we teach dentists how to do three things

Develop Their Practice

so you understand your finances with a clear path to an extra $100k a year (everything we do is through that net profit lens)

Use A Blend

of in-Person and virtual staff to make your practice more profitable (and EFFICIENT)

Manage Your Team

using simple tools that create structure, support, and scalability on one Google sheet

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