March 6


How We Bring Dentists More Sales Without Spending Ad Dollars

By Eric

March 6, 2024

By Eric Horwitz, CEO of Net Profit King

Dentists aren’t good at sales.

They are excellent, very intelligent practitioners, but sales is not a key part of dental school…even if it’s essential to running a business.

Do you have your administrative staff pitch services even if they hate it and aren’t good at it?

Do you have your hygienists and dental assistants provide “client education” to sell more services and it’s not working out well?

Do you get a lot of pushback on this from your team?

Book a Meeting here with myself and the Net Profit King team and I will show you:

  • How to get 10 new patients in the next 60 days at no cost for you ($18,000 value for FREE)
  • How to get your current patients to refer you new ones (each is worth $3,000 as their Life Time Value)
  • How to run your practice using an Operating System, Key Performance Indicators and Standard Operating Procedures to save you time and money and reduce costs.

I’m looking to help the next 4 dentists for FREE for 60 days to show them the power of our systems and consulting that we’ll install in your company.

Our big goal is to earn you $100,000 in net profit while working with us.

And you will LEARN from myself, Eric Horwitz who has;

  • 14 Years of Real-World Entrepreneurial Experience growing a company to $3 million+ in annual revenue with 60% net profit margins.
  • Earn a 7-figure income while working a few hours a week (only consult with those that earn more than you!)
  • Runs a team of 140 staff, with 95% of the work delegated to other managers

If you’re a Dentist or Practice Manager, book a meeting with me here.

Eric Horwitz

Eric Horwitz

CEO And Founder

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