Why do we only work with dentists?

As a result of exploring multiple areas of the healthcare industry, Net Profit King has decided to focus exclusively on dentists in order to produce the best results. This unique segment can benefit from a blend of virtual and in-person staff, to earn more money, as well as more time, and can also benefit from new methods in promoting sales. It is Eric Horwitz's philosophy that one of the core elements of his business model is to consider niches and to bring focus to the net profit of the niches in which we want to be involved. As a result of talking to a lot of dentists and dental consultants, it became increasingly clear that this would be a perfect fit for our company.
Managing a dental practice can be a challenging task for dentists who are usually very good at what they do. As a result of Eric Horwitz's and Net Profit King's extensive business experience, we can really help you build a great team, manage it efficiently, and bring in more profit.

How does the program work?

The consulting experience consists of six months of weekly phone calls with Eric Horwitz and his team in order to improve sales, operations, finances, and team management. Net Profit King offers a mixed structure that allows it to earn $100k net profit per year as a result.

How much does the program cost?

Starting at $40,000 you will have a 6-month experience that will help you dive deep into your business with one goal: earning $100k net profit per year. We use a unique set of tools and offer accessibility to improve sales, support, and team structures virtually or in person. You can also decide whether to continue your monthly check-in if you wish to continue doing so.

How to get started?

Take a deep dive with Eric and his team by BOOKING A CALL