June 28


Why We ONLY Work With Dentists 

By Eric

June 28, 2023

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If there’s anything I’ve learned about growing a 7-figure service-based business, it’s that the riches are in the niches. It took me thirteen years of running a company and surviving a pandemic that sent us to $0 overnight to learn how important it is to have a dialed-in niche.  

I’ve always known my mission in life is to serve two audiences:

    • Help kids lead their best lives through culinary education (which is LIFT Enrichment).

    • Help entrepreneurs lead their best lives by having more income and more freedom.

LIFT Enrichment is soaring right now and with a staff of seventy-five, I’m not stuck in the day-to-day. We service 4,000 students a week at hundreds of sites and I don’t teach anything, but instead lead from above with a great team of people in operations, logistics, human resources, hiring, marketing, finances, and sales.

I now have the time and energy to start a second business, which has been my dream. And you might be wondering:

Why does Net Profit King work exclusively with dentists?

I’ve always wanted two businesses so that I have multiple streams of income. The pandemic taught me how dangerous it is to be entirely in one industry, which is education.  

I looked at growing industries and settled on healthcare because looking at the direction the world is heading, I asked myself…are people getting sicker or healthier? It’s definitely not healthier.

In the healthcare industry, I wanted to bring my unique knowledge of how to run a high-net profit  service-based business to one corner of the industry.

I looked into physical therapy, dentists, general practitioners, and a few other segments while talking to business owners and healthcare consultants.  

“Dentists” kept bubbling to the top of the list of a great niche to work with. It’s a unique industry and I started talking to:

    • My friend, Sarah, who is in the myology space about what it’s like to help dentists

    • My friend, Josh, who runs a periodontist practice in Arizona

    • My banker who works with several dentists

    • And two other consultants for dentists

I learned about the struggles of dentists, particularly when it comes to:

    • Recruitment: Finding good office staff, dental assistants and hygienists and keeping them.

    • Sales: Most dentists don’t have a system (link to virtual sales staff post) to follow up with leads after a consultation or regular cleaning.

    • Bookkeeping: Their books often need a lot of cleanup to see what’s going on, what’s making money, and what’s draining the bank that doesn’t need to.

    • Overhead: Office rent, expensive equipment, and lots of supplies are required…but if it gets out of hand it can reduce an owner’s net profit.

A lot of dentists bring in a good chunk of revenue and have relatively decent net profit, but they are stressed out and in need of help. To use a culinary analogy, some (not all) dentists are like bakers who love to bake but aren’t good at running a bakery.

With Net Profit King’s focus on using virtual staff, operational efficiency principles and unique scaling techniques to bring in more net profit, I know I can really help these dentists lead their best lives filled with more cash, more time, and less stress.

And so the journey begins, and if you’re a dentist who’d like to earn an extra $100k of net profit per year, Net Profit King and our team can (and will) help you get there. Book a call with us here to get started.


Eric Horwitz

Eric Horwitz

Eric Horwitz

CEO And Founder

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