Learn the secrets behind how to increase case acceptance by 20%.

Most dental practices don't do enough follow-up to turn Unscheduled Treatment Plans into real appointments on the calendar.  And without proper follow-up, you're limiting the growth of your practice.

At Net Profit King, we:

  • Fill your calendar with appointments.
  • Reduce stress on your staff.
  • Generate a minimum of $80,000+ in Case Acceptance.
  • Follow up with patients, so you don't have to.
  • Boost your net profit.

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"The 5 Secrets to Increase Case Acceptance"

Net Profit King provides a hands-on approach to sales in which we partner with your team to take a group of hundreds of Unscheduled Treatment Plans and convert them into new appointments on the calendar. We know that a proper sales campaign with a polite, charismatic, and professional sales representative who will call, email, and text your patients to help them achieve their health goals will be a net win for everyone involved. All of our sales representatives go through
intensive training on HIPAA compliance and Dental industry-specific key terms, procedures, culture, and news.


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